High dose vitamin C benefits cancer patients Print
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altJPNN|Laboratory study has illustrated that high-dose vitamin C can boost the cancer-killing effect of chemotherapy and develop patients’ treatment. The study, conducted by the scientists of the University of Kansas, showed that getting vitamin C shot kills cancer cells without harming normal ones. They achieved the result through vitamin C injection into human ovarian cancer cells in the lab, into mice as well as into patients with advanced ovarian cancer, according to the report appeared in Science Translational Medicine. However, vitamin C has long been known as an alternative therapy for cancer, taking vitamin C by mouth failed to replicate the effect. Clinical trials of oral taking of vitamin C indicate that the human body quickly excretes the vitamin when it is taken by mouth. A small group of patients reported fewer side-effects when given vitamin C alongside chemotherapy, said the researchers. Furthermore, recent study revealed that the vitamin C injection slowed tumor growth in mouse studies. "Because vitamin C has no patent potential, its development will not be supported by pharmaceutical companies," said the lead researcher Qi Chen. "We believe that the time has arrived for research agencies to vigorously support thoughtful and meticulous clinical trials with intravenous vitamin C," Chen also stated. "It is difficult to tell with such a small trial - just 22 patients - whether high-dose vitamin C injections had any effect on survival, but it's interesting that it seemed to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy," said the science communications manager for Cancer Research UK, Dr Kat Arney. She also emphasizes that any potential treatment for cancer requires large clinical trials to make sure it is safe and effective. For the recent research, further studies are needed.  Agency/PT

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